Need For Speed Payback (PS4) Review

Racing games are something I don’t really play as i’m not very good at them but i do still love playing them whenever I get a chance to. Need for Speed Payback was on sale recently so I decided to give another one a go to see if my skills have improved. Anyway, it is time for a review.

A group of friends – Tyler Morgan, Sean Mcalister and Jessica Miller – are part of a crew in Silver Rock. They are asked to take a car away from The Gambler. In doing so they discover they have been double crossed and the police are coming after them. When Tyler manages to get the police away from his friends he finds The Gambler who demands his car back and leaves them with the police. However he offers Ty a chance of redemption by allowing him to work for him so he will avoid being arrested. After working for The Gambler for 6 months Ty has had enough and comes up with a plan to take down Lina and the house who are ruining the streets for every other racer.

The story is actually surprisingly really good for a racing game, a lot of the racing game I have played in the past have all had really bad story but thankfully this game isn’t one of those. From start to finish you actually care about the characters you are playing as and hope that they are able to get their goal, and it is up to you to allow them to do so.

The first thing you might notice from this game is just how amazing it looks, this has got to be one of the best looking games on the PS4, not just racing, i mean out of all games. You could be in the desert one second and in a city the next but either way the first thing you notice is just how much detail they have put into every single thing.

Now onto my main bad point about the game, offroad. Off Road in the game is something you will be doing a lot as it takes up about 20 races, so you would think they would make it actually fun to drive on or fun to race with. Nope it is the fucking worst offroading I have ever played with, especially how it makes a big point in making sure that the car you have for these sort of races are only for off roading. So can someone please tell me every single time I did an offroad race it felt like driving on ice. I understand that when on dirt you don’t have the same sort of grip as you do on tarmac and that makes perfect sense to me but I don’t think that the second you try and turn on dirt when driving a car that is specifically engineered to be an off roading car that you should be spinning around in circles which is exactly what happened every single fucking time.

Next respawning, it is a feature i do like in racing game especially when done right. This game does not do it right. Numerous times i would hit a rock or pole by accident but i could keep on going with a lot of speed and not be a single problem, however the game thinks I have crashed and decides to respawn me, this means a lot of time it gives the other AI to catch up and have me lose first place. I could be doing a jump or driving a little bit too close to the edge of the track and boom respawned and losing precious speed and seconds. I did find a way to switch it off but still it sucks that they haven’t managed to do this right.

The music is on a different level all together, this has got to be one of the best soundtracks out there. We have got Post Malone, Rae Sremmurd, Wiley, Skepta and numerous other artist which just leads to fantastic song after fantastic song, i actually looked for a way to turn off the sounds of the game just so i could hear more of the songs. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way so I just plugged my headphones in and listened to the soundtrack on spotify and trust me when I say this makes you hyped up and ready to race.

Overall, i do like the story and how the game looks, the numerous cars it has got to offer is great but unfortunately due to the respawning and the offroad crap I don’t think you should play this game even if on sale.

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