Mario Tennis Open (3DS) Review

The only sport game I have played of the Mario franchise is the olympics games, so I thought it was time to add another one to my collection so why not tennis. Anyway, it is time for a review.

You get invited to a tennis tournament and if you manage to win three matches in a row then you will win that tournament. After being the tournament then you get invited to the next one.

That is all there is for story, i wasn’t expecting a lot for a sports game but even then I wish they would off added even a little something, something to aim towards instead of just getting a virtual trophy. But in a lot of mario games this is what I have come to expect.

I do love how the game looks however, it has the same style that all 3ds Mario games have got and each and every one of the characters do look great in the game. Each tournament will present you a different court look which once again are bright and vibrant and really help making the game that much more fun to play.

One part of the game that I really disliked was the chance shots. These are coloured circles that appear on the court that allow you to get a better shot, this could be a better lob shot, curve shot or a power shot. These shots dont always allow you to win that round but just make it harder for you and your opponent to defend the shot. They sound great on paper but when you get into the later part of the game you spend a lot of time waiting for one to turn up so you are able to get a better hit but instead it your opponent who seems to get the majority of them giving them an unfair advantage. In order to hit the chance shots you need to press the right button or buttons depending on the shot, or if you are feeling lazy you could just press X. I hate this feature as it means any of the other buttons are simply useless as all you really need to do is spam X till a shot works for you.

By the end of the game I was getting very bored of the same thing again and again. The end tournament had one feature that did liven up the gameplay a little bit with the changing courts but after a few minutes it is just as boring as the rest of the game has been.

I have heart a lot of people say they really like the mario tennis games but for me I really don’t see the appeal and wish I spent my money on something else instead.

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