10 Second Ninja X (PS4) Review

I got this game quite some time ago but it has just been sitting in my library ever since as I never felt like playing it, even though I bought it to play it. Anyway, it is finally time for a review.

You have been kidnapped by greatbread the pirate, he wants to torture you and he does this by making you complete stages against his robots (which have got birds stuffed inside of them) and you only have 10 seconds to do so.

I can’t really say much more about the story without spoiling it for you but I was very surprised with the story in game. I was just expecting the first part to be their to give you a reason to play but as you go on with the game you find things do in fact get a bit deeper as you progress through the levels.

The game gets better when you take some time away from the levels and explore the ship, you will find secret rooms, and other npcs to talk to and this is when you find out what kind of person Greatbeard really is. Also keep and eye out for a certain painting, it will make you both laugh and cringe at the same time.

In this sort of game you need the controls to be perfect otherwise you have got no chance in finishing the levels. Thankfully the controls are literally perfect, the millisecond you touch the button the action will happen on screen and be exactly what you wanted. At time you might think the attack happened a little too late or a little to early but nope that is all down to you and you can’t blame the game, trust me i was tempted on multiple occasions.

The game is bright and colourful, which for a game based around a ninja was quite surprising but after the first few levels you discover that this is the perfect way for this game to be. You are able to see every single object that is in your way and where you have got to go in order to finish the game.

The ending is something else and actually makes you feel for a game which I at first thought way just going to be all about the challenges but turns out to be much more.

Give this game a go trust me it is worth it, even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands for new games this on only takes 2 hours or less for the main story and it has even more levels when you finish it to keep on testing your skills.

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