Luigi’s Mansion (3DS) Review

I have liked the look of this game for a long time but I have never owned a GameCube so I never got the chance to play the game. Now it is on the 3DS (for some time now) and I finally have gotten around to playing the game. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Luigi has won a mansion however he won it without enterting a competion, it is when a get to the mansion that he finds out that his brother Mario went there before him and has never left. This is where he meets Professor E. Gadd who tells him the mansion is haunted and if he ever wants to see his brother again he will have to find all the ghosts and suck them up with the Poltergust 3000 and bring them back to him so he can turn them into paints for his gallery. It is after collecting some of the ghosts that Luigi has accidentally released all of the Boos that were hidden in the basement and if he wants to get his brother back he is going to have to find them all and defeat King Boo.

Now the story is something I find interesting as I have only really played the tradtional Mario games where Peach gets kidnapped and you have to find her. So not only do we get to play as my favourite brother but we also have got to save Mario this time. Plus there is no platforming involved in this game so this is all going to be new to me.

Seeing all the main ghosts that this game has got to offer is great as none of them look the same and each of them provide a little bit of challenge into finding out how you are going to be able to suck them up.

The controls of the game i am indifferent on. I like the way that luigi himself moves around with his scared walk and he controls very well but the second you try and use the P3000 then things start to go downhill. This is on the few games on the 3DS that I have played that actually uses the gyroscope in order to move the P3000 up and down. I hate this feature and luckily it is not necessary to use on every ghost but the ones were it is just makes the game that much harder. I do like using the gyroscope on the gameboy horror as it is fun to be spinning around in your room to try and find what you are looking for in game.

The boos were a big problem for me, not because they were hard to find anything, you get a meter that tells you exactly where they are in the room. It is the fact they will move out of the room they are currently in and maybe go in the hallway but before you can even take off 10 points of it health it will go into yet a different room. At one point in the game I had 4 boos in a hallway and then all 4 went into a different room and this just kept happening until I finally sucked them up.I understand that they are ghosts and can travel through walls but they could of at least limited how often this happened and maybe not make it possible for numerous boos to be in the same room.

I really liked this game and I am going to be playing the 2nd one soon, the game is only 6 hours long and I did enjoy my overall time with the game but I do thinks certain aspects could of be done a lot better.

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