You Season 1 Review

This is a show that was recommended to me multiple times by a few people now and after finishing Sex Education I needed a new series so why not give it a go. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Joe Goldberg is a book shop manager and has just lost his girlfriend and is a bit down in the dumps. Becks is in a bad relationship and it is when she is at the book shop and meets Joe that her life changes. After the encounter at the bookshop Joe becomes a bit obsessed with Becks and want to make sure she is able to live her best possible life as a writer. However becks current boyfriend and her friends don’t seem to approve of Joe and Joe knows this but how is he going to be able to change their minds about him?
Now the story is not something new but something I personally have never watched before as rom coms or really anything romantic is not my thing with a t.v. series. Don’t get me wrong i do like a good romance is a tv show but i don’t want a whole show on the subject. It is when you actually start watching the show that you notice that it is not going to be like every other romantic tv show. The way Joe is around Beck is perfectly normal and is just trying to show her why he is the best boyfriend ever, it is when Beck is not in the room that things start to become interesting and Joe becomes overprotective and does things you wouldn’t expect in a normal relationship. One thing I can say without spoiling the show is that I loved every single second of the story as you could never tell which was it was going to go.

The acting is superb and every single actor in the show made it brilliant. Penn Badgley (Joe) is an actor I don’t think I have ever seen before but after his performance as Joe I can’t wait to see him in something else soon. Elizabeth Lail (Becks) does okay but it is during the final few episodes that i think she becomes amazing in her role as she is starting to see who Joe really is. Personally my favourite actor in the show has got to be Luca Padovan who plays Paco, Paco is Joe’s next door neighbour and reads a lot in the hallway to avoid his mum and her boyfriend fighting. During the show Paco becomes braver and braver and wants to make sure that his mum is going to to be alright and ask Joe for help in getting rid of her boyfriend. Seeing such a young kid play such a serious role makes me look forward for his future as I know he is going to be a brilliant actor.

I really liked every single second of this show and everything it brought to the table, I just hope they dont bring out a second season of it as even though there is a few unanswered questions especially the ending, I don’t think they could fit another 10 episodes in without the story getting ruined.

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