Unravel 2 Review

I loved the first Unravel game and when I saw that this game was on sale on the PSN then I had to pick it up so I could see if the second game is as good as the first. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Yarny was involved in a shipwreck and ends up getting washed up on an island, it is while on this island that he finds another Yarny and they both go on an adventure together. It is up to the both of you to try and find a way to get the lighthouse back on.

The initial story of the game is not that great and neither was the first one but it is when you start playing that you realise the story is much deeper than you actually think. When you start playing unravel two you will go through the lighthouse into different parts of the world and it when you start doing this that you notice two kids in the background are running away from some other people, it is from here where the real story lies.

The game controls the same as the first game which means it is brilliant to control. The addition of being able to use a second character is an amazing way to keep the game fresh. They thought of everything as you are able to ‘hold’ one of the character so you only have to control one till a puzzle comes along where you are going to need to use both. This is were one of the new features have been added where the two characters are connected together by their wool and being able to swing to new places without the need of a knot. This just means the puzzles are going to be getting harder then the last which is a brilliant idea.

If anyone says the game is anything less than beautiful or perfection then they have got no idea what they are looking at. I streamed this game and I said multiple times just how much detail they had went into the game, they even added worms into the dirt for god sake. This is how every single game should be made.

I never did any of the challenges that are available in the game but I think they are a great addition to the game to keep player playing who want a little bit extra from the game.

I love this game and everything about it, Coldwood are fastly coming one of my favourite game makers and I can’t wait to see what they are going to be bringing out next.

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