Y : The Last Man Book 1 Review

After finishing Saga Vol 9 a few months ago and finding out that no new Saga was going to coming out for a while I needed a new graphic novel series to get into. Y: The Last Man is apparently the best graphic novel read by Stephen King so why not give it a go. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Yorick is the last man alive on Earth (and his monkey Ampersand) and he has got no idea why he was the only guy to be kept alive. He has been in hiding ever since the mass genocide as the world is a completely different place now that the women are the only ones left. He only has one goal and that is to get to Austrailia in order to find his girlfriend Beth. However on his way he finds his mom who has been helping run the country till they find a new president. It after meeting his mom that he gets told to go and find Dr. Mann who is the best person alive who knows anything about cloning. It is while traveling to her that things start to get even worse for Yorick.

The story is quite simply something I have never read about before, of course I have read about stories that have mass genocide being involved but never about just one sex, and even then it is not just the humans, it the animals as well. This means a lot of women are thinking that it is their fault that everyone that they loved who was male died, such as Dr Mann who at the exact time her cloned baby was born all men died. It is great to see such a deep story being in a graphic novel.

There are mulitple points of view in the novel but all of them but one has one aim and that is to find Yorick, expect for Yorick whos is to find his girlfriend. This makes for a really interesting read as you want to see how Yorick and his little group are going to handle when they all meet each other at some point in the story.

The art style is decent but nothing amazing. Well expect for the pictures that are used just before the start of a new P.O.V. these drawings are amazing and you can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into them. I do wish that the whole book was drawn in that much detail but if they did then we would probably only get one book every four years.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series as I want to know more about this amazing story. However as of right now I still prefer Saga. Y is also written by Brian K. Vaughan so hopefully we get more magic from him.

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