A Hat in Time (PS4) Review

This is a game I have been wanting to play for a long time now but for some reason I never got around to doing it but now I have finished the game and it is time for a review.

You play as a young girl who wears a hat, it is while traveling home that she gets stopped by the mafia and is ordered to pay a toll to pass over their planet. After the mafia try and break it all of her fuel fall downs onto the planet so she has got no choice but to go down and try and get enough fuel back in order to get home.

The premise of the story is not great it doesn’t make you feel like you have got to play it as all it really seems to be is another search and collect sort of game and there are hundreds of those in the world right now. It is however known as a spiritual successor to the mario galaxy games and it is because of this that I knew i had to play the game.

When you start playing you will instantly notice just how bright and colourful the whole game is. This is exactly what I wanted from the game as it is because of this that it reminds you of mario and when you get into the planets and get to see more of this crazy universe that you get to see just how amazing the whole game looks. Each world is different in every way and it makes you want to explore every knock and cranny just so you don’t miss a single thing.

I love the way that the game feels to control, expect for one thing. The girl controls perfectly and I never found myself dying because of the character just because of how I was playing. The thing I didn’t like about the game has got to be the camera controls. I never really felt in control of them. Whenever I wanted to turn the camera around so I could get a better look at the surrounding area it felt like a chore when doing so and not natural like you would expect it to be.

The music however was on another scale however, each and every level I LOVED listening to the music it had to give. Throughout my playthrough I didn’t find a single piece of music that I didn’t love, I ended the game just wanting more.

For a game that cost less than £20 and you get 10 hours of fun plus more if you want to go and get every single time piece (fuel) and hat then you get easily get close to 15 hours from the game then I recommend that you get this game, you would be supporting an indie developer who I think has a lot of potential.

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