Sex Education Season 1 Review

A show based in a school that focuses on one 16 year old boy giving the rest of the school sex advice. I know sounds weird but it might just work. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Otis lives with his mum who is a sex therapist and it is because of this that allows him to have so much knowledge on the sexual world, the only problem is that he has never had sex himself and he doesn’t even like to masturbate. It is after helping out the school bully with a sex problem that Otis and Maeve decide to try and get people to pay for the sexual advice they can’t find anywhere else. While all this is happening Otis’s best friend Eric is trying to find a boyfriend but the one other gay in the school doesn’t like him, not only that but Eric comes from a very religious african family so we get to see how his family handle the fact that Eric is gay.

So much happens in this show that it makes you want to binge the whole thing as if you dont you might miss something important. Each and every episode has a main story behind it which does take up a majority of the show but also there are numerous side stories with the other characters which are just as good as the main story itself. I love it when this happens in a show as it means that even the filler parts don’t feel like filler and are just another addition to the show.

They do go through a few stronger subjects on the show such as sending nude picture, abortion, drugs, homosexuality and not feeling normal. I know out of all the subject the last one doesn’t seem like such a big deal but by the end of the first season you will find out why it is. My personal favourites subjects which are spoken about are the abortion and homosexuality as we get to see just how hard it is for people who have got to make the decision of having an abortion and just how hard it is for people who have come out as gay in school.

The acting is what makes this show work, if everything was acted badly i don’t think people would of liked this show as much as it is, in fact it would of probably just been a meme by the end of the week. Due to how it was acted and the storyline behind the show people seem to be loving this show and so am I. My personal favourites are Asa Butterfield (Otis) who plays the sex guru but being awkward as hell amazingly and is the main reason why the show is so good. Ncuti Gatwa (Eric) does an amazing job as the gay guy in the show and play each and every scene to perfection. This last guy is probably not going to be a popular opinion but Connor Swindells (Adam) does great, he plays a bully but he is only a bully because of how he was brought up but not only that he has a secret to hide.

From start to finish i loved this show and I can’t wait for Netflix to announce they are going to be making another series of this as I feel like there are just so many unanswered questions that it needs a second series.

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