Thor (2011) Review

Onto the fourth movie in the list and the second movie I haven’t seen. I did like Thor in the avengers movies I saw with him so i’m hoping I like the movie just as much. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Thor is the son of Odin who is the king of Asgard, as he is getting old in age and is soon going to be passing on he has to choose between his two sons Thor and Loki to who is going to take his place as the king. Before Thor’s crowning ice giants manage to get into Asgard and killing a few men, this causes Thor to want revenge and in doing so breaking the peace treaty that is held between the ice giants and the Asgardians. As Thor did this without Odin’s knowledge and is then saved by Odin at the last second Thor is banished from Asgard and all his powers removed from him until he proves himself worthy enough. This is when he wakes up on earth and has to try and find a way to prove himself worthy enough and to try and get back to Asgard in order to save his father from the ice giants.

The story for me is great, from the second you start watching till the very end you are going to be hooked and will just want to see as much as you possibly can in order to understand every little bit of story possible. If you are anything like me and love Mythology then this is also going to be great as you get to find out a bit more lore of the Asgardian Gods and what exactly they do. A personal favourite section of story for me in this movie is seeing Thor try and get used to the way people on Earth do things. This does add a little bit of humour into a very serious movie and I think it is very much needed.

The story can be the best thing ever but without good acting to back it up then it is going to be horrid to watch. Luckily the acting is spot on throughout, Chris Hemsworth plays Thor perfectly and due to his performance in this movie I can’t think of a single other actor who could of done a better job in this role, and I cant wait to see more of him. Natalie Portman who plays Jane Foster, Jane is obsessed with two things her Job and Thor. Every scene she was in was played brilliantly and it really helped with the chemistry that her and Chris had just made everything better.

What part of the movie I did love time and time again was seeing Asgard, I love seeing how they managed to create the mythical city and make each and every part of it look perfect. I did think they overused the colour gold but it is a city of gods so I am not all that surprised. I do have to say I think the Ice giants themselves look cool as hell and I certainly wouldn’t be messing with them in a fight any time soon.

I really liked this movie and would say that out of the four so far it is my second favourite behind Iron Man 2. I can’t wait to start Captain America and get to see the change that Steve Rogers goes through.

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