The Incredible Hulk (2008) Review

The next movie in the Spaghetti order is The Incredible Hulk, this is a movie I have never seen before and I also have never seen a review of the movie so I am going in blind. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Bruce Banner has come off badly after an experiment he did on himself. Now every time he gets angry he turns into an indestructible monster that he has got no control over. The US Army are after him but he refuses to turn himself in as he needs to find a cure for himself so he can go back to his normal life. He does this by running away to Brazil and keeping in contact with a doctor who thinks he is able to cure Bruce. However things are not all smooth sailing for him as the second the army find out that he is in Brazil they come after he causing him to turn back in the monster he doesn’t want to be.

This for me is the complete opposite of Iron Man, on paper the story sound brilliant as you want to see what this indestructible monster is capable of and what he looks like. I wanted to see how Bruce was coping with everything and if he was ever going to find a way to cure himself and get back to his life. That was however till I started watching the movie and discovered that it was quite possibly the most boring thing I have watched in a very long time. From the second we found Bruce in Brazil I was bored as nothing ever seemed to happen, you would see him turn into the Hulk but then turn back and we would just watch him walk and try and get back to America. There is probably about 20 minutes worth of the movie were I was actually happy to be watching and every single one of those minutes was when the hulk was around. The ending scene is really good as the fighting is brilliant with the two CGI monsters.

The acting did nothing to bring my attention back away from my phone after the 30 minute mark as once they had shown everything they had to offer I was simply waiting for the hulk to appear next. I didn’t know that Mark Ruffalo was not the hulk in this movie, instead it is played by Edward Norton. All I am going to say on this matter is thank god the actor has changed as I don’t think I could watch this guy play him again even if you paid me to.

The CGI on the hulk himself is okay but it is nothing to get to exicted by, I actually prefered the look of abomination as he simply looked so much better. Every part of him from the size and the bones sticking out of him just made him look the better and scarier character out of the two.

I am now looking forward to watching Iron Man 2 just so I can get back on track with the good marvel movies and actually enjoy watching one.

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