Iron Man (2008) Review

After watching Spider-Man Homecoming I wanted to catch up with the Marvel storyline so the best place to start is the first one in the series. The way I am going to be going through the movies is following the spaghetti order as I don’t really know any other order to follow. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Tony Stark is a genius in engineering especially with weapons. Little does he knows that it is the weapons he develops that are going to change his life forever. When he is presenting his latest creation he becomes apart of an attack and is lucky to be alive, and would be dead if it wasn’t for a scientist who attached him to a car battery. After he manages to get back home he decides to stop making weapons and focusing on his suit. This doesn’t go down well with his long time friend and business partner as well as the board of the company he owns.

If the story was the only thing that you are going are going to go off when decided if you want to watch the movie then it is probably going to be a no. When I first heard about this movie it was the exact same for me as it doesn’t excite me even slightly. But it all becomes different when you actually get to watch the movie and get to see the story first hand. You get to see the change in Tony Stark going from his very cocky “I only care about myself” attitude to him caring about the people around him and what his weapons are actually doing to other people in the world. When he finally gets his own fully upgraded suit the movie becomes great to watch as you get to see his struggle with how to control the suit and what changes he needs to make in order to make it better.

This movie is almost 11 years old now and I still think it looks great. Everything to the flying scenes with the suit to seeing how his arc reactor actually works with his body. I can’t fault a single scene in the movie as each and everyone of them adds something to make the movie even more enjoyable to watch.

Acting is what you would expect from a marvel movie and that is fantastic. Every single actor does their job brilliant and each of them adds something to the marvel universe whether that being Robert Downey Jr in his role of Iron Man or Gwyneth Paltrow in her role of Pepper Potts in keeping Tony Stark functioning as a human being.

Something I don’t understand is how Marvel managed to make a two hour long movie on something where only three major scenes happened. Tony getting captured, learning how to create and use the suit and then the final battle. This does mean there is a lot of filler but even then they have somehow made the filler interesting and make me not want to take my eyes of the movie in case I missed something important.

I am looking forward to my next movie in the sequence (The Incredible Hulk) especially if it is going to be just like this movie with how good it is.

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