Spider Man The City That Never Sleeps DLC Review

After loving Spider Man I wanted to experience more of this fantastic game so of course when the DLC was announced for the game I bought it as soon as I possibly could. Anyway, it is time for a review.

This DLC revolves around Magia and apparently everyone has something to do with them, including Sable and the Black Cat. Magia is being run by Hammerhead an old villain of Spider Man who has got a metal plate in his head hence the name Hammerhead. He wants to control New York so he starts doing so by getting rid of the competition in the Mafia world. He is however defeated after Spider Man stops his plan just in time. It is after this that he thinks of how he can become undefeatable and that is where Sable and her amazing tech come in useful, his new plan is to try and steal all of the tech Sable has and the new unknown project known as Olympus. Will he be able to become undefeatable and put an end to Spider Man and have his dream of running New York? Well you’ll have to buy the DLC to find out as I don’t do spoilers.

I will say that the story is really good as it gets in to a lot of depth about some of the lesser characters past which if you are anything like me is really important for a good game. We get to find out more about Silver Sable, Yuri and the Black Cat. These are all characters I loved during the original playthrough of the game so getting to know them more is an added bonus.

After you finish the main story playthrough you are able to go around the city and find out a few more details about this world if you want to such as the tape recording in the third chapters or finding all the missing paintings in chapter 2.

The new suits that you get with each new chapter of the DLC are just an added bonus to the game as they dont do anything combat wise but you do look great while beating up the mafia wearing them.

If you are like me then you are going to love completing the DLC just as much as the main story as even though you don’t get a platinum for beating it you do get a nice 21 trophies to add to your collection and a few extra suits for the in game. I do think that the DLC is fully worth the £20 for everything you get.

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