Inksplosion (PS4) Review

I have got no idea why I bought this game other than the fact it was less than £2 which I couldn’t turn my head up against. Anyway, it is time for a review

There are three modes in this game and each mode is basically the same as the others where you go round a rectangle map and try and destroy as many enemies as possible. After killing four enemies then they respawn and your gun will get randomized to a different one, each type of gun will make you change the way you will go on to kill the next enemies as if you get the shotgun then you will want to get up close and will want to make the 3 bullets it shoots matter.

The game is really really easy to finish and when you do finish the game then guess what you get a platinum trophy. Yep it is that easy, imagine playing a telltale game but instead of playing for 6-10 hours depending on the game you only have to play for less than 20 minutes. If you are like me then you will play each mode until you have collected each of the trophies for that mode. These are very simple as all they are, are simple get this many kills or this many points without dying. This becomes even easier when you figure out that every gun is automatic so you literally keep hold of the shooting button and dodge all of the enemies attacks in order to win.

The game does look really good for what it is and is probably the best game I have ever played for less than £2. Don’t get me wrong don’t expect amazing life like graphics, you play a rocket who fights other rockets and with each bullet shoot then the bullet leaves behind a colour trail making the game look even better. After getting to 100 kills on the game the screen was just a mixture of different colours which does make the 15 minutes of time you play the game that much more fun.

The music is decent enough, by that I mean if I had to play the game for about an hour or more then I would want them to change the song but it does it job for the limited amount of time you play the game.

Just to show you how each this game is this is my total time played of the game for the platinum trophy.

Get the game no matter what you think of it as any person who has been playing games always wants to add to their trophy collection or gamerscore depending on your console .

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