Sword Art Online Season 1 Review

I knew nothing about this show before I saw it on Netflix and read the description, a show based on MMORPGs it sounds like it would be right up my street. Anyway, it is time for a review.


When a new virtual reality MMORPG is announced and only 10,000 copies are going to be sold then people get really excited for it. Little did they know that when everyone single one of them was in the game there was no way to log out, and if you died in the game then you died in real life as well. the only way to be able to get back to the real world was by beating the final boss who lived on floor 100 of the game.

That is all I am going to say about the story as if I mention anything else then spoilers are going to happen and I don’t want people to be spoiled on what happens in the story. I do think the overall story over the full season is great it has got everything that you would want out of a show that is revolved around a game. it has action, fight scenes, great speeches and a love story, with all of this is makes for a great series that makes you want to keep watching.

There is a lot of filler in the show which is a bit of a let-down but even then, the filler is okay as it just shows us more of the wonderful world of SAO. It shows us what other skills there is to develop in the game and that you don’t all have to focus on the one idea of beating floor 100 if fighting isn’t what you like to do in a MMORPG.

The fighting scenes are probably the best thing about this show, there is some form of fighting in just about every episode except for the last one and after the first few episodes I started to look forward to when they would come as they would bring the show a bit of life instead of just getting story all the time. Unless you count Pokemon as an anime then ive never watched anime before so I don’t know a lot about the culture but I have got to say that this show looks better then Pokemon or any other clips of anime I have seen but that is just what I think.

Behind the fighting as the best thing in the show, the music is a close second. I love the intro and outro music, this is probably the second show I haven’t skipped the intro one (the other being Blue Mountain State). The music that they use in the fighting scene just gets you amped and makes you get into the fighting scene even more as you don’t want to miss seeing or hearing anything as it was all that good.

There are some scenes in the show that I really didn’t expect to happen and that is not in a good way. The show has some seens of rape and incest and it made me very uncomfortable to watch. This didn’t happen till later on in the season so it was a huge surprise when it did start. For me this was a huge disappointment as I was loving how the series was going until this point and it put a bad taste in my mouth about it.

The first half of the season is so much better then the second half, after episode 15 it goes downhill quiet a bit and I wished that they made the second half of the season a different season. This is because the ending of episode 15 would have been a great place to stop as it would have been a cliffhanger and would of made people look forward to the second season.

Overall I think the show is great even with its few very dark areas. If you don’t want to watch the show because of these dark areas then I don’t blame you but you will be missing out on a great show with a good storyline, great music and fantastic animation.

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