Friday Night Dinner Season 1 Review.

I fancied some British comedy and looking through Netflix I found this show, I have watched it before but might as well give it another go to see if I still like it. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The Goodman family are Jewish which means that every Friday night the family will get together and have a meal. When the family are back together it involves the two brothers trying to prank each other during the meal, and the Mom and Dad arguing about a random thing.

The story is very bleak at best, the writers do try their best in order to give the story a bit of plot but it never gets very far. If they made each episode relate to the last especially seeing how they only take part a week apart, then I think the story could have been a lot better. However, they do manage to fit in quite a bit of comedy into the story which does make the show slightly better to watch.

The acting is what you would come to expect from British comedy subpar at best. None of the actors did a great job of what they were doing, but they didn’t do horribly either. I think this is because the show doesn’t have any major acting points in order for the cast to project their skills. Simon Bird who is arguable the bigger actor of the show doesn’t show his acting range at all with the most he manages to do is show angry towards his brother.

The comedy is what makes the show, it is sarcastic comedy which is a favourite of mine. The two brothers love to torture each other and will do so any way possible and it does make you look forward to finding out what they are going to do next to each other. The mom and dad comedy is good as well as they argue quite a lot on random which causes funny scene after funny scene.

The show is set in a normal family house which is the perfect setting for this type of show. They haven’t made the house too fancy or too cheap it is the perfect family home. This does make you think back to your own family and all the funny times you have with them, well it did for me anyway.

The show could quite easily be a lot better in the story and acting department which is the main area of any show but the comedy style and settings being almost perfect it does make the show a lot easier to watch then you would think.

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