Disjointed Season 1 Review

I had no idea that this show exists till I had a little look on the Netflix originals and saw that they had made a show all about weed. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Ruth Whitefeather Feldman (Kathy Bates) has been trying to get weed legalized for many decade and now it finally is in Los Angeles. We follow Ruth and her son/partner run a weed shop where people who need weed to make their lives better can buy it. We get to see how people who don’t agree with the legalization of weed cope with the store being open and just all the different good things weed can do for people.

I think the story is alright, a lot of the time there doesn’t really feel like a story is in this show and instead it is just trying to show the world all the different things that weed can do to make a person’s day better. For example, the security guard suffers from PTSD after being in Iraq for 3 terms, but he refused to ever try weed, but after being told what weed can do for him he tries it and basically becomes a new person as he is able to cope with all the memories he is having. We do get a little bit of a love story but after the first 3 episodes it sort of disappears and is only mentioned briefly a few times which is a shame as I was starting to get invested in it.

The acting is passable at best, throughout the whole show there is nothing too hard for any of the actors to do. The hardest possible part might be in a music video scene but that is about it. Carter (Tone Bell) does a good job is playing a PTSD suffer but after smoking weed he basically becomes a different character.

Another thing I do want to mention is why are there mini ads sponsoring weed happen every ten minutes or so during the episode. When watching you will be enjoying yourself and the next moment a mountain scene comes on and tell you how a company has been making weed the same way for 100 years. It has no relevance to the show and it just puts the show down a lot.

The show does have a good message though as weed should be legal everywhere, yes, it is a drug that can cause hallucinations, but it can help with a lot of mental and physical illness. I’m going to leave a link here and it will tell you everything good that weed can do.

If it wasn’t for the message that this show spreads, then I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone as the terrible humour and boring acting just ruins the fun of watching a series. But if you do want to know more about weed then give it a watch and you might learn something. I have been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time

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