One Punch Man Volume 2 Review

After liking the first volume I wanted more from the series so I went straight into the next book in the series. Anyway, it is time for a review.

One part of the first volume that I didn’t like was the lack of a good story but that all starts to change in this volume. Don’t get me wrong it still isn’t great but it has improved since the first volume. This is because we are getting to find out more about Saitama backstory and why he became a superhero, not only that but we find out exactly what he did to become the hero is today. We also get to see another mysterious hero added to the cast, someone who is so confident that when they meet Saitama for the first time they are shocked someone is able to keep up with them. It is because of this that I am now looking forward to the next volume as I want to know more about Saitama and this new hero that has been added.

We get to find out who exactly the house of evolution are and what exactly they are planning on doing, they do add a very weird addition to the story. I have never heard of a company wanting to change the evolution of humans and animals to make them more pleasing to the owner of the company, especially as he managed to change his age from 70+ back to a young adult. I am wanting to know more about this side of the story as I want to see what exactly the owner is going to do after Saitama has finished with them.

The art in the manga is still really good and it is probably the second best part of the manga. The artist does a great job in making both the still and action scenes look amazing. Probably my favourite art is probably the close ups of Saitama’s face when he realises something or gets confused, these scenes are without a doubt the funniest things I have seen in a manga.

After enjoying the story, humour and the art in this volume I am really looking forward to the next book and where exactly the writers are going next with the story.

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