Token – Between Somewhere Album Review

Token is a rapper who I have loved for some time now, the main reason for it is because of how quick he can rap and his flow over just about any beat. His last album was two years ago and I have been waiting for a new one every since and now finally we have got one. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Out of the 17 songs on this album only one of them disappointed me and even then by disappointed I mean I was expecting the song to be harder hitting and faster mainly because it has both Token and Tech N9ne two of the fastest rappers out there.

Speaking of rapping fast, it very rarely happens on this album quite a lot like Token’s other album Eraser Shavings.

Except for 3 songs which were released on YouTube first the rest are all orginal songs (and an outro) which is exactly what I wanted as it means we get to hear more from Token himself. Token is very good lyrically meaning that when you start listening to a song you will instantly want to reply it to make sure you hear every single lyric that he says. This is evident in his first single on the album where he explains a bit more about one of his more real singles and his most viewed song on youtube Execption. I have since replayed the album 5 times and each time I love listening to the first song as it gives a great vibe for the rest of the album.

My personal favourite songs on the album are And You (Ft Bas and IDK), Suitcase and a Passport, Same Difference and 7th Day. 7th day is such a good song as it starts of slow and makes you listen to each and every word that is getting said and we get a little bit more of an insight to Tokens life and then after the intro it changes beat and that is when it gets into the music that I really like with a heavy flow and a heavy beat.

I mentioned before that I was disappointed with Youtube Rapper (ft Tech N9ne) as it did not hit as hard as I want but that doesnt mean I dislike the song, in fact they still rap pretty fast over a great beat but I just wanted more from this pairing. Not only that but when artists have an outro in the album and it’s not like NFs where he still raps then to me it feels a bit lazy. In Tokens outro it is him and his mam talking about him signing a record deal and how he felt like he would feel different. For me I would love this so much more in a rap and not just two people talking.

For a guy who is 20 years old and currently has less than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube this is amazing for what he has accomplished in this album and I can’t wait to hear what he brings out next.

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