Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (3DS) Review

I have never played a Donkey Kong game in my life and I wanted to know just how Nintendo managed to make a monkey into a platforming game. Anyway, it is time for a review.

A new enemy is introduced into this game known as Tikis, they have woken up after a volcanic eruption, once they are awake they go around the island and hypnotize as many animals as possible into stealing Donkey Kong’s bananas. Bananas are very important to Donkey Kong so he sets of and tries to get all of his bananas back.

The story is nothing and is very similar to Mario in the fact the thing they are both trying to get back has been kidnapped by the bad guy. The story is only really there in order to give a motive to the different levels and bosses. You won’t be playing this game for the story.

The way the game looks is different however. I have not played a lot of platforming games on my 3DS but this game is without a doubt the best looking so far, each stage looks amazing and when you start a new world you look forward to finding out what the developers have done with this worlds theme. My personal favourite has got to be the levels which are just silhouettes. This doesn’t sound great as it is just everything is black in the foreground with the background being a different colour but trust me you are going to love it as with the black foreground it makes everything a lot harder and makes it more fun to try and find all the secrets that are spread around the level.

The sound is also pretty good, I am not going to say that it is amazing as I have heard better from platforming games but it is also the first platformer I have played that is based on a monkey. The music does make you want to get through the level as fast as possible as it gets you hyped up and makes you ready for whatever is coming next. However some of the music choices for a few levels I didn’t like at all and played with the volume down which did make a did leave a sour taste.

The way the game controls at the start is very difficult to get used to, this is because you are controlling a monkey which means they are not going to feel like a normal platformer. After about an hour of playing through the levels by the time I got to the second world the controls felt natural and by the time it came to the 8th world I couldn’t imagine playing a platformer with any other type of movement and weight in the character. This is what I want from a platformer as when a game becomes natural for you to play it feels just so much better.

If you were like me and have yet to play a Donkey Kong game then give this one a try as I loved every second of it.

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