Love (PC) Review

I seem to be doing this a lot where I look on my steam library and find games I have zero idea how they got there but I still give them a go as it’s been a while since I played a PC game. Anyway, it is time for a review.


This game has no story, it is an arcade type game where you play through specific levels as fast as possible and try to get the best score you possibly can. If you are like me then you will start on easy mode to try to find out what the levels have got in story but then slowly move onto the other level types like Arcade where you get 99 lives or YOLO mode where you guessed it you only get one life.

The best thing about this game is without a doubt the soundtrack. I played this game on stream for the first time and you can hear how hyped I get when I get into a new level and a new piece of music would play and it would be amazing. It has an electric based type sound track but every now and then they will put in an instrument like the piano but somehow they make it fit in so well to the game and how you play that it just feels natural.

The graphics are very old style with the occasional pixel art thrown in as well. This is what made me choose the game over others on my list because I wanted to see what the game has got to offer.

I loved how the main character moved, it is not complex it is a just a simple stick man but his running animation is just hilarious and kept me in a good mood for the whole time i was playing the game.

The game is not very long but it does have a big replayablity factor in the fact you can just keep trying to beat your time or be able to play the whole game without dying.

For a game that only costs £1.99 then i think it is a must buy for anyone with a steam library as it can be run on just about anything computer and you really don’t want to miss the perfection mixture of graphics and soundtrack that this game has got to offer.

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