Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS) Review

Before I bought this game, I tried my hardest to try and avoid any information about it as I didn’t want anything to be spoiled. A lot of the time I don’t mind being spoiled with a game as it’s all about how you play the game but with Pokémon it is different as I want everything to be a fresh journey, anyway it is time for a review.


The story of Pokémon Sun and Moon is we start of as the main character as they make their journey from Kanto to Alola and is given the chance of getting their first Pokémon. Once they get their Pokémon then it was time for them to go around the island of Alola and take on all the trails and try and become the best trainer in all of Alola. However, while on this journey other things start to happen such as the development of a new group called team skull who want to take peoples Pokémon away from them. It is while you are battling against Team Skull then you find out they are trying to get after cosmog so that they can help create wormholes and get the ultra-beasts from the different dimensions. It is up to the main character to be able to stop them.

This is not the full story but it is a basic summary, however even though this may be the longest story line that any Pokémon game has had so far it only interested me for maybe 4-5 hours and then I was bored of it. I started just aiming to get to the end of the game so I can finish this game like I do with all the other Pokémon games. I think this is because even though they have said they have changed just about everything in this Pokémon game such as no more gym battles but all they have done is change the gym battles to trails which are basically the same fucking thing. Yeah you don’t get a gym badge at the end of trail but instead you get a Z crystal that allows your Pokémon to make a specific type of move more powerful. This is basically the same as getting a gym badge that let you use a specific HM outside of battle.

This game is without a doubt the best a Pokémon game has ever looked, compared to X/Y and ORAS it is leaps and bounds above it. They have made everything just seem brighter and more inviting, the water looks amazing and for once when you go up a hill in a game it looks like you are going up a hill which I know doesn’t sound all that impressive but for a Pokémon game that hasn’t done this before it is impressive to me. The Pokémon look great in their new 3D sprites and it is refreshing to see Pokémon from my past have new forms that give the game a new lease of life.

The music is okay but it is nothing rememberable, I enjoyed listening to the new music whenever I went into a new area but after a while and if nothing happened then I would just turn the music down and put on my own as it kept me more entertained.

Now it is time for a rant, Z moves are the most pointless thing I have ever seen be put into a Pokémon game. Why the fuck did Nintendo think instead of keep going with the Mega evolutions to basically stopping it all together and bringing in a think that made 1 move really strong??? Want to know how a Z move is activated well it is with a specific stone and A FUCKING DANCE!! Why the fuck are you dancing to get a move to activate. Whoever thought of this idea at Nintendo needs fired immediately.

Next up why the hell was the tutorial of the game basically 2 hours long!! You were told every little thing that could go on in a Pokémon game and even when the tutorial finished it still felt like you were restricted to what you can do because you had people come and talk to you basically every time you went to a new route. When are the people who make Pokemon realise that the majority of the people buy the games are people who have been with the series since day one and we know what the fuck we are doing.

This is the worst Pokémon game I have ever played without a doubt. The story was boring, the new ideas were shit, music unrememberable, the way that no characters’ face would move in a cut scene as all they would do is smile and even then, Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to zoom into the face showing all the pixels on the face which is just horrible. When are, Nintendo going to finally see that the main audience for their games has changed from being young kids to older teenagers and young adults who know what the fuck they are doing in a Pokémon game, give us the fucking option or skipping the tutorial. I’ve been Aaron Morrsi and i’ll see you next time.

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