One Punch Man Volume 1 Review

I loved the tv adaptation of this manga and it is because of this that I had to go out and buy the first book in the manga to see if it is just as funny and full with action as the tv show. Anyway, it is time for a review.

We follow the life of Saitama who is a man who was bored with life as he was struggling to find a job and didn’t know what his purpose was. That was until a crab monster is causing mayhem in his city looking for a child who drew nipples on him. Saitama decided right there and then that it was time to step up and do some good, he does so by looking after the child by killing the crab monster. The feeling after the fight is what makes him become a hero and taking on a very hard training regime which caused him to become bald. Due to how hard his training was it has made him bald but also made him beat any enemy with just one punch. Now he is a hero for fun but he is still struggling to find a get up and go as now every fight is just to easy for him.

The story is not great, it doesn’t give anything for us to connect to on an emotional level which is something I need to find a story to be great. Don’t get me wrong I do look forward to what will happen next with Saitama and Genos and how they are going to defeat the next enemy they come across but that is only because I want to see the fight scene not because I want the story to progress.

The thing you will notice immediately when reading is just how funny this manga is. I haven’t read a lot of manga but so far this is by far the funniest. It is the one liners that Saitaima says that will cause you to laugh out loud at what you are reading and just how little he cares about every situation.

One Punch Man has got the action scenes down to a point in this manga. This is what I want AOT to be like. You can tell who every character is and what they are doing in each fight scene which makes the read that much more enjoyable as you get caught up with the action but don’t have to stop and look back to see what exactly has just happened.

The character models of the demons are fantastic as each one is unique and something you really won’t see a lot of even in fantasy novels. This makes me look forward to whenever another city is going to be attacked as it means we will get not just another fight scene but also get to see a new character and its art.

This manga is great if you just want to see some fighting and have a laugh but if you want a deep and meaningful story then the first volume of this series is not going to be for you. I have been Aaron Morrsi and i’ll see you next time.

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