The Inquisition by Taran Matharu Review

After really liking the first book in the series I wanted to find out more about Fletcher and the rest of this world, so the best way to do this is jump into the second book in the series. Anyway, it is time for a review.

A year has passed since the Tournament.

Fletcher and Ignatius have been locked away in Pelt’s dungeons, but now they must face a trial at the hands of the Inquisition, a powerful institution controlled by those who would delight in Fletcher’s downfall.

The trial is haunted by ghosts from the past with shocking revelations about Fletcher’s origins, but he has little time to dwell on them; the graduating students of Vocans are to be sent deep into the orc jungles to complete a dangerous mission for the king and his council. If they fail, the orcish armies will rise to power beyond anything the Empire has ever seen.

With loyal friends Othello and Sylva by his side, Fletcher must battle his way to the heart of Orcdom and save Hominum from destruction…or die trying.

Taken from Goodreads

It has been a while since I have gotten into a deep fantasy series an I am currently loing every single second of it. With the way this world is being described everything about it is what I want out of a fantasy book. Numerous different species of creatures such as humans, dwarfs and elves, they are the ones able to speak. Plus you have the demons which just add that much more to the book and this is the first book I have ever read that I can actually relate to Pokemon (my all time favourite gaming series).

The first book ended with Fletcher getting arrested for attempted murder and then we start this book a year later with Fletcher being in prison. Thanks to help from his friends at the Vocans he is able to leave the trail a free man but he doesnt have much time to dwell on this as he is about to be sent on a mission to the Orc land in order to resuce a nobel and destory a few thousand goblin eggs.

I love how this book takes place in the course of about a week yet so much happens that it is not until you finish the book and think back onto what happened that you realise what exactly happened. This is what I want from a book, I want to finish a book and want more from the character and be exicited to jump into the next book in the series. It has been some time since this has happened for me so thank you Taran for making such a good series.

Once again we are left with a cliffhanger which made me finish the book and buy the next on in the series instantly. If you are wondering if you should continue with the series after the first book trust me when I say that you need to. I have been Aaron Morrsi and i’ll see you next time.

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