flOw (PS4) Review

This is a game I have heard a little bit about not haven’t seen any gameplay so everything about the game was going to be a surprise for me. Anyway, it is time for a review.


There really isn’t much story to this game, the only real aim is to find the red particles that will take you down a level till you reach the bottom and then change. That is all the game is about, occasionally you will go up a level which slows progress if you get hurt or eat a blue particle but that only rarely happens.

The content that this game has got to offer is very lacklustre and I was expecting more from a game that has got such good reviews. I saw that it took people about an hour and a half to beat this game, but I managed it in 40 minutes. I want a story, I want to know why I am wanting to grow bigger and get to the bottom floor, so I can change into a different character.

The game does look amazing though, especially with the PS4 graphics you can’t go wrong. All the characters are great to look at while you are either passing them or playing as them.

Don’t expect to control the game with the arrows key or the analog stick as they game is controlled using motion control. At first it was very weird to play like this as I was tempted just to keep using the analog even though I knew it wouldn’t work, but after 5 minutes playing with motion control felt like natural and I couldn’t fault a single thing.

The music is also on another level, I wasn’t expecting a soundtrack this good to be included in the game of an hour long, but I just sat down and played the whole game enjoying the music. If I am to be honest I preferred the music to the actual gameplay which is something I have never said before.

Do I think the game deserves to get a 7.6 from ign or other review websites, hell no I wouldn’t give it more than a six. Even then I don’t think I can count this as a game with the lack of features it holds but whatever.  I got the game for £1.99 and if I paid more than that I would be very annoyed with what I got for my money but for that price you really can’t complain. I’ve been Aaron Morrsi and i’ll see you next time.

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