Young Sheldon Season 1 Review

This is a show I have been interested in since I first saw it, I liked the big bang theory when I used to watch it every day and Sheldon was an interesting character so getting to know more about him sounded great to me. Anyway, it is time for a review.


Sheldon is extremely clever and is probably the smartest child in America but he lives with some of the dumbest people in America. His dad and brother are obsessed with football, his mother a very religious person, his twin sister who only cares about causing mischief and his meemaw who wants to find something funny in her old age. For me this is great set of characters to start a show off with as it means that each time a character talks it is not going to be the same response each time. However after a couple of episodes it becomes boring hearing the same argument happen again and again with his mother being over protective and his dad wanting Sheldon to get to know the world better, his brother not caring and tell him to do anything he wants in case he gets hurts and his meemaw encouraging him to try new things to see what will happen.

After the 22 episodes I was getting tired of Sheldon due to his knowledge and attitude to his brains. Yes he is extremely clever but i wish he didn’t have to remind everyone at any possible opportunity. I like the present Sheldon as he has learnt to deal with people better and tell what emotions they are thinking but young Sheldon I dont really like.

The only character I ended up liking after the first season was Missy, this is because of the comedy that she brings to the show. After the main story happens in the episodes Missy will find a witty comeback or saying that will leave a smile on your face as from a 9 year old it is very funny.

I do like the setting of the show as the 1980-1990 texas is not a setting I have ever seen before so it is a nice change for me.

I am going to give praise to the cast as they did a very good job in this series especially Iain Armitage on his role with Sheldon. A personal favourite scene of mine is when he is auditioning for Anne and shows that he is a triple threat with his singing dancing and actor all on display at once.

My main dislike of this show is that no emotion was really shown, and any time it was shown it never hit home which ruins a show for me as when I am bingeing 22 episodes in a day that I am going to get really into a show but that becomes a lot harder when they aren’t giving you any emotion to keep you hooked on a show.

If you like the big bang theory and want to know more about Sheldon’s complex past then this will be a must watch for you. I’ve been Aaron Morrsi and i’ll see you next time.

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