One Punch Man Season 1 Review

I have heard a lot of things about this anime before watching it which did get my hopes up but I still went in completely blind on the story and the only thing I knew was that he could punch things. Anyway, it is time for a review.


Saitama was a normal guy until he decided to become a superhero, he did this by training hard every single day for 3 years. It was because of how hard he worked that he ended up losing his hair and becoming bald. After the 3 years of training he has grown bored with being a superhero as he is just to strong and can’t find anyone to come close to matching his strength.

The story is not bad but it isn’t amazing as after the first few episodes you do end up knowing the outcome of every single fight which does lose a bit of enjoyment after each fight. I still enjoyed the journey Saitama was taking to not be the worst ranked super hero on the list and to join his disciple Genos in S rank.

The show was surprisingly funny, which was really unexpected from when I first started watching the show. I was expecting something serious but literally anything that comes from Saitama whether that be him speaking or thinking is actually hilarious. You will get a big speech from the bad guy about how he is going to destroy Saitama and the rest of the city but the only thing Saitama will be thinking of is if he is going to be home in time for the sale at the shop. I found myself laughing to myself a lot while watching this show which just made it that much better.

This has got to be on the best animated shows i have ever seen. The fighting scenes are simply amazing, i couldn’t take my eyes off it as i wanted to see how every little thing looked. When Genos was fighting I knew that the scene was about to become fantastic as it would have the firepower which Genos uses and then whatever ability the monster had to what will make a beautiful scene on screen. The first anime i watched was Sword Art Online and i thought that looked great but compared to this then SAO doesn’t come close. Even when Saitama is looking blankly at the monster in front of him the show still looks great.

If the story was better in this show then I simply wouldn’t be able to fault it as a show, everything from the looks and even the voice acting is perfect, it is just a shame that the story lets it down.

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  1. I enjoyed One Punch Man but definitely found that by the end I was less engaged. It just felt a bit repetitive and it is hard to escalate when you know the hero will win anyway. My favourite character was definitely Genos. He has such a hard time of it but he works so hard.


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