Big Mouth Season 2 Review

After having mixed feelings about the first season I was a bit iffy about jumping into the second but after wanting to know more about Nick, Andrew and the rest of the group I decided to jump into season 2. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The group are slowly getting used to the life of puberty and their hormone monsters telling them to do stuff they normally wouldn’t, but that doesnt mean things are starting to become normal, hell no things are getting weirder and weirder. They are learning about feelings they have for each other, discovering their bodies and wondering why they are progressing as fast as others, you know normal teenage things.

Straight away this season is so much better than last, I think they managed to find out everything wrong with the first season and changed it for the better. Don’t get me wrong everything’s the same i.e story, cast, animation but the writing and humour are on a different level altogether which is brilliant and is exactly what this show needed. They haven’t held anything back which will just make you sit and laugh constantly throughout the 260 minutes of playtime.

They take all the little things that people go through when going through puberty and blow it all out of proportion in a hilarious way. Such as why Nick isn’t growing as fast as Andrew due to him only having one pubic hair. It’s the little stuff like this that really make this season as good as it is.

Like I said above the animation is still the same which to me is still pretty good but I wish they would put a little bit more risk and make it a little bit more lifelike as I personally think that would make it a bit more relatable to the audience.

Once again my favourite character is Maurice – Andrew’s hormone monster – Last season he was the one breaking the fourth wall and making the immature jokes left, right and centre and I loved it and still do. However this season he takes on a bit of a mentor role with another hormone monster and it’s just really funny to see.

Coach Steve also gets a bit of a bigger role this season which for me isn’t a great thing as he is my most hated character from the show. I don’t exactly know what it is about him I don’t like it is just the fact that every time he is in a scene any sort of comedic value the scene might have disappears but that is just me.

If you were iffy about the first season and don’t know if you want to start the second then trust me, start the second it will make a big difference in how you see the show.

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