Attack On Titan Volume 4 (Manga) Review

The ending to volume 3 was so good that I went and bought the next volume straight away as I wanted to know more. Anyway, it is time for a review.



The Survey Corps develop a risky gambit – have Eren in Titan form attempt to repair Wall Rose, reclaiming human territory from the monsters for the first time in a century. But Titan-Eren’s self-control is far from perfect, and when he goes on a rampage, not even Armin can stop him! With the survival of humanity on his massive shoulders, will Eren be able to return to his senses, or will he lose himself forever?

Taken from Goodreads

The current story of Eren being able to transform into a titan is amazing and I am loving every second. Especially the way that Eren sees himself when he is in titan form, I just expected him to be exactly the same but instead he sees himself in a simper time with his familiy.

We only really get two sections of current events in this volume and the rest all takes place when the cadets were all still training. I both like and dislike this, I like getting to know more about each of the characters, espeically about finding out more about some of the side characters. One thing I did notice is that the writers really like giving you all the information you need on a character which helps you devolop a bond with them which wouldnt of happened otherwise. However I do want more of the story, I want to know if Eren is going to be able to learn how to control his titan form better and be able to help save mankind. The ending leaves on another cliffhanger and makes me want to go and buy the next volume straight away.

I like the fact we get to see how well the characters did during their training so we can see just how much they have progressed from then to the current events.

The story is amazing and after each volume all I want to do is jump into the next to find out more but my TBR pile is already piling back up. I’ve been Aaron Morrsi and i’ll see you next time.

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