We Bare Bears Season 1 Review

This is a show I have been interested in for a long time now, but never got the chance to be able to see the show. Now I have finally finished season one it is time for a review.


We follow the life of three brothers who happen to be bears. Grizzly, Panda and Ice bear want to live certain types of life and will do anything in order to do this. This leads the three bears onto new adventures and a lot of the time cause them to be in trouble and somehow find a way out of it.

Each new episode is about something different which makes watching each new episode enjoyable and exciting to find out what it is going to be. Grizzly is the older brother and will do anything to make sure that his other brothers are happy but sometimes he is the cause of the problem and makes Panda and Ice bear find a way in order to save him. Two other recurring characters are Charlie (Bigfoot) and Chloe (Human) who have formed a friendship with the bears through their adventures.

The animation in the show is great, it isn’t to the same sort of standard as a Disney movie but for a 15-minute cartoon then it is perfect. It is nice and simple but still makes it very enjoyable to watch especially when an action scene is happening.

Out of the three bears my personal favourite has got to be Ice Bear. He doesn’t say a lot throughout the show but when he does you end up listening to him and loving it. He is the domestic one out of the three which means even though he is the younger brother he cooks and cleans for the bears and when they are in danger will fight anything and anyone in order to protect them, when he has done this he will go back to his fridge put on some figure skating and start to knit. You can’t help but love Ice Bear.

The voice acting isn’t anything amazing but I wasn’t expecting it to be with a Cartoon Network show. Yes they do show some emotion throughout the episodes but not enough for it to take any real effect while watching,

Some of my favourite episodes are when we get back story of the bears’ life such as when they were babies with big dreams. I’m glad that they decided to include things like this in the show as they know that people will want to know where the three bears came from and what made them like they are today.

If you enjoy shows such as Adventure time and The Regular Show then this show will be perfect for you. I’ve been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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