Big Mouth Season 1 Review

This is probably the weirdest premise for a show I have ever heard of, just behind American Vandal that is. A show about children going through puberty and having conversations with hormone monsters. Anyway, it is time for a review.


Big Mouth is an adult animated show about children going through puberty, we follow the life of Nick and Andrew two best friends in high school and one of them is about to start going through puberty. We follow as the group of friends try and work out what the hell they are meant to do and if what they are going through is normal and if anyone else has had the same feelings as them.

The show is funny but only in sections, some parts where they are clearly trying to be funny just arent and if anything is just awkward to watch. The funniest character has got to be hormone monster, he makes a lot of sexual jokes, a lot of them very inappropriate but some of the lines that he comes out with are hilarious and will make that episode great. If the whole show had the same kind of humour as him then I would of liked it a whole lot more.

The animation is pretty good, I do think it is a bit simple and they played it a bit safe with what they went with but I still liked it anyway. With some of the stuff that is in the show I wonder what the animators thought when they got asked to draw some of the stuff like hairy penis that can move, I don’t even know how I would be able to process that. But I will say that every weird thing that they were asked to make they did so very well.

Big Mouth breaks the fourth wall a lot, it is mainly the hormone monster who does this. While watching an episode there might be a bit of a break away and he will say ‘you are binge watching this aren’t you’. I wasn’t expecting this at all so when it happened I was sort of shocked but then after that every time it happened it was a nice break away from the show and helped show the comedy that the show is trying to give off.

If the show didn’t have so much adult content in the show then I think it would be perfect for teenagers who are about to go through puberty as just about every thought that was in the show would of passed through everyone’s head at one time whether you are a boy or a girl.

Give the show a watch as I think it has funny moments,okay animation and a bit of fourth wall breaking. With the show only having 10 20 minute episodes you will finish the first season very quickly and be wanting more when it has ended. I’ve been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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