Lil Aaron – Rock$tar Famou$ (Album) Review

When looking for an old playlist on an old spotify account I came across another soundcloud rapper who decided that having Lil in their rap name is a good thing, unfortunately he shares the same name with me so I thought I might as well see if he is any good. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The first thing you will notice when listening to this album is that the majority of the music sounds a lot like the stuff that Lil Peep used to do. I really liked Lil Peep as an artist as he made a mixture of rock rap with the autotune vocals that really seemed to work. At first I thought great yet another copycat. However the more you listen the more you notice is that Aaron has his own style that makes his music slightly different and for some reason seems to give a nostalgic feeling while listening. It reminds me a lot of bowling for soup, blink 182 and sum 41 with a hint of futuristic sound included which makes for a strange yet enjoyable music to listen to.

After listening to the 7 songs on the EP i found myself instantly replaying the whole EP again as I wanted to listen to more of him. My personal favourites from the EP are Anymore (ft Kim Petras) and Makin Money (ft Kiiara), these are the types of songs that people can listen to multiple times and still not get bored off.

I do think that he uses the autotune a little too much, this is because he voice sounds slightly different in each and every one of his songs in this EP and it makes me wonder what his actually voice sounds like when he sings/raps

Strangely enough he is also the only rapper with lil at the beginning of their name (and from soundcloud) that I have seen where he doesn’t have face tattoos everywhere which is a nice change.

There is not a single song that I dislike in his EP which is strange for me as just about any album I listen to their is always a few songs I just skip over. Give this guy a listen currently 14k on youtube and only has a two songs over 1 mil streams on his spotify. Just please try and lower the amount of Auto Tune. I’ve been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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