Attack on Titan Volume 3 (Manga) Review

After all the action that happened in the previous volume I wanted to jump straight back into the series and find out what is going to happen next with Eren and the rest of the cadets. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The last thing Eren remembers before blacking out, a Titan had bitten off his arm and leg and was getting ready to eat him alive. Much to his surprise he wakes up without a scratch on him, with a crowd of angry soldiers screaming for his blood. What strange new power has he awakened, and what will happen when the boy devoted to destroying the Titans becomes one himself?

Taken from goodread

When I found out that Eren could turn into a Titan I was shocked and wanted to know more about how and why this happened and if he was able to control the power so he can become a titan whenever he wants to. Luckily for me you get to find out all this information in this volume. At the same time you do get more questions which don’t get answered at the same time but that just means that you want to keep on reading in order to find out more.

Armin gets a bigger role in this which is great as so far he has had very little to say but when he does people seem to listen. It is up to him to try and persuade the rest of the army into trying to make sure they dont kill Eren. This is probably the second most emotional part of the whole manga so far as you can feel all the emotion he is trying to give in order to try and save his friends as well as the rest of humankind.

The little bit of action we get in this volume is like all the others very hard to tell what is happening until they decided to slow down. I wish they would spend a little bit more time in making the art style during these sections a bit more clearer as it would allow people to know what is going to happen and what has just happened instead of waiting for them to stop and then get told about it.

With the way the volume ended I now need to jump straight into the fourth volume and find out what is going to happen next as the ending left so many questions. I’ve been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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