8 Mile Review

I have heard so many good things about this movie but never watched it until now. Anyway, it is time for a review

We follow jimmy, otherwise known as b rabbit as he struggles with life trying to get his dream to come true. He wants to become a professional rapper in a time where only the black can rap well enough to be anything in the industry. During the movie B rabbit goes through so much in order to achieve his dream such as breaking up with his girlfriend, other rappers trying to hurt him and falling out with his mum. But that doesnt stop his dream.

The lead actor is Eminem a guy I never thought of as an actor so I was pleasantly surprised he did such a great job in this part. Anytime any emotion needed to be shown then he did it brilliantly. It could be anything from happiness to depression he did a great job and I can’t fault him, in fact I would like to see some more of his acting skills.

The music is a major part of this movie so it better be good, and of course it is a movie about rapping with one of the best rappers ever of course it is going to be great to listen to. It has got the iconic scene at the end of the movie with the rap battles which shows the world exactly what b rabbit is capable of, no matter who you are then you are going to love this scene especially the final battle.

After finishing I hope that some day they bring out a sequel as I want to see what would happen after the rap battles no just with b rabbit but the rest of the group as well.

This movie is not for everyone though, it is important for you to be a fan of the rap genre as it is the whole premise behind the movie and if you are not a fan of that sort of music then I doubt you will be of this movie. This has been Aaron Morrsi and i’ll see you next time.

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