Aggretsuko Season 1 Review

I have literally got no idea why I thought I would start this show but the mixture of a cute cat and death metal karaoke seemed to interest me. Anyway, it is time for a review.

Retsuko is 25 years old and single, she works in an accounting department for a firm in Japan. Due to how stressful her job is with her boss always treating her badly and how she is trying to find someone to settle down with she needs an outlet to get rid of all her anger. What’s the best way she could find well that would be Death Metal karaoke where she can be her true self. We watch Retsuko as she tries to find someone to be with as well as deal with her normal life.

The story itself is a bit on the boring side as all we are waiting for is for Retsuko to find someone she can be with, so she can quit her job. However, the writers managed to make the relatively boring story premise fun to watch. You wanted to watch to see how she would manage with another stressful situation and if she is ever going to find someone to settle down with in order to get out of her job and be able to live stress free.

The animation is pretty good, but personally i only really like it when the karaoke is happening as they made the animation look a lot like an action scene which is pretty impressive. The show is very 2D but looks nice and will keep your attention when watching the show but when she starts screaming it is a different story altogether.

My personal favourite scene is the rap battle that she has with her boss. Her boss has a pretty weak rapping style but the words are heavy hitting which causes Retsuko to reply but in the only way she knows how. This scene is brilliant as it is something I have never seen in an animated show before.

The voice acting is okay, nothing amazing coming from any of the actors expect for Jamison Boaz who does the screaming in the show. The voice acting from the rest of the character is just basic with only a bit of feeling coming throughout the show. The most feeling comes from Boaz in the screaming scene as that is when Retsuko can be her real self and it shows through the singing.

This show is the most Japan show I have ever seen and it makes me hope that there is a season 2 for me to watch sometime soon.

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