The Fundamentals of Caring Review

Paul Rudd is a personal favourite actor of mine, from Friends to Ant Man I have really liked his performances so to see him in a serious movie on Netflix I thought I might as well give it a watch. Anyway, its time for a review.

Ben is unemployed and is looking for a job, he takes a six-week course into how to become a caregiver and gets a job looking after Trevor. Trevor has got Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, this causes him to be immobile except for his face and some part of his arms which means he needs care 24/7. This doesn’t stop him from cracking a joke all the time and pranking his previous carers and his mother. When Ben starts to get to know Trevor he finds out that he wants to see all the roadside attractions. It takes a while, but they manage to persuade Elsa (Trevor’s mother) to let them go on the trip. While on the trip they come across Dot, a young girl who is hitchhiking her way to Denver, Trevor develops a crush on her straight away and gets Ben to get her to come with them on the trip.

The story is really good, it has got a great mix of humour with seriousness. This causes you to find the movie light hearted even though at the core it does have a very serious subject with Trevor not being able to do anything himself and the fact that his dad left him at three. From the start you find the relationship between Trevor and Ben to be perfect they complement each other, they have the same sense of humour, and they are both filling a gap in their lives that they didn’t know they needed even if they say that they don’t.

I can’t fault the acting from Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts or Selena Gomez. They all do very well with the mixture of serious and comedy. Craig Robert is an actor I have not seen much but with his performance in this movie I do hope i get to see him again in something soon as he plays his part perfectly. Selena Gomez does very well in playing a girl with a bitchy attitude very well and it was not what I was expecting when I first started to watch the movie.

The comedy used in the movie is dark comedy, which is great for me as it’s my favorite type but I know that some people when they watch the show will think that it is horrible in what they are joking about. It is this sort of comedy that makes the movie what it is and I enjoyed my whole time throughout the movie as I want to see more from Trevor and how he was using comedy as a coping mechanism for his disability.

I really liked this movie from start to end as it did have a deep meaning throughout but it didn’t focus on it and instead let you follow the life of a disabled boy who is wanting to do something with his life instead of sitting in the house all the time. When the jokes start and the relationship between Ben and Trevor I can almost guarantee that you will like this movie almost as much as i did. I’ve been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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